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Champion Compressor Oil

Champion offers both their RotorLub and ChampLub brand products in different base stocks to handle your air compressor oil requirements for poth reciprocating (piston) and rotary screw compressors.

RotorLub 4000 - This Champion RotorLub oil is is an ISO 46 semi-synthetic oil rated for 4,000 hours in rotary screw compressor service.

RotorLub 4000FG - This Champion compressor oil is a 4,000 hour,  ISO46, food grade,  PAO oil for rotary screw air compressors

RotorLub - 8,000 is a semi-synthetic oil designed for 8,000 hr operation in Champion rotary screw compressors.  This oil is also an ISO 46 grade. 

ChampLub - This oil is available in a mineral oil, a diester synthetic oil and a food grade version designed for use in Champion reciprocating compressors.  the synthetic Champlub is recommended for extended life between service intervals.

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