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Atlas Copco compressor oil

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Atlas Copco Oil

Follow the links on our site to start saving money on Atlas Copco compressor oil.  Below is some information on HD Roto fluid and other Atlas Copco Oil that will help you in cross referencing the OEM lubricant with other brands for your rotary screw machine.  Research and follow our helpful site ads.

GA-8K - This is a widely used Atlas Copco compressor oil designed for 8,000 hours of operation.  This synthetic oil is a PAO based lubricant with a ISO grade of 46

GA-4K- This oil is a petroleum based product, with a ISO46 grade.  The oil is only designed for 4,000 hours, and thus is not as widely used by service professionals.

HD Roto Fluid Plus- This is a synthetic oil that Atlas Copco uses for 8,000 hour use.  The ISO Grade is 46.

Roto-Inject Fluid- This is another 4,000 hour petroleum based product that is ISO46. 

GA-FG - This oil is a food grade synthetic oil that is designed for 4,000 hours service.  The base stock is PAO and is ISO32

GA-OK - This is a synthetic cleaner that can be used in place of Atlas Copco compressor oil for up to 500 hours while it cleans varnish and debris from the compressor system

Atlas Copco offers their oil in 5 gallon and 55 gallon pails.  Please follow the advertising links on this page to start saving money on your air compressor oil today.

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