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A guide to the benefits of air compressor oil
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Benefits of Synthetic Oil

All compressor systems, and rotary screw compressors in general, are subjected to contaminants as a part of the compression process. It is the presence of these contaminants coupled with pressure and high heat, that necessitate the use of a quality to oil.  Synthetic oil has great benefits over standard petroleum based products, which not only can extend the life of your oil, it can extend the life of your compressor. 

Oil is the lifeblood of the compressor, which is why the hallmark of any proper service routine calls for oil analysis and routine oil changeovers.  Synthetic oil has additive packages in it that help combat the many harmful contaminants that enter a compressor system, which allows most synthetics to operate for 8,000 hours or more.  While oil life is directly a result of operating conditions, synthetic compressor oil can reduce the service intervals on your compressor.  Some compressor manufacturers even offer oil that they taut as never having to be changed. 

Synthetic compressor is oil substantially more expensive than its petroleum counterpart, but with fewer service intervals, less maintenance, and better lubricating characteristics, the benefits that synthetics have to offer will save your plant money in the long run.  For more information on the types of synthetic lubricants and their benefits with regard to extended life and control of harmful contaminants, click here: Synthetic Compressor Oil

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