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Dow Corning's Molykote Synthetic Lubricant

While Dow is known for many products throughout a wide array of industries, it has been a major contributor to the synthetic compressor oil industry.  They have created many of the formulas that are currently being uses by major manufacturers in the air compressor industry and have created many new formulas to help extend the life of lubricants and consequently the compressors in which they run.

Molykote is one of the latest in a long line of synthetic oil innovation for Dow.  Specifically known as Molykote L-1246, this synthetic is advertised as providing up to 12,000 hours of operation, which translates into up to 18 months of operation in an around the clock operation.

The key to the performance that the Molykote oil provides is partially due to its synthetic additive package.  These additives include a proprietary antioxidant additive package, which decreases oxidation in the oil, a major cause of oil degradation.  This advance in oil performance along with the chemical makeup of the oil itself has allowed Dow to once again offer an oil with superior performance over other PAO oils, and further help compressor owners keep their machinery in service.

For more information on Dow Oil products, you can go to the Dow website, and learn of the many advances and products of which they have been a part.


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